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Alvarado Gardens Neighborhood

Fall 2021 Cleanup

Thank you to all who participated in our neighborhood cleanup Saturday morning September 25!

Over a dozen energetic souls pulled weeds along Veranda and where the Duranes Lateral crosses Candelaria and Campbell, tidied up medians and bulb-outs along Candelaria, cleared out storm drain gratings, cleaned up trash along the ditch, cleared out growth that was obstructing bike lanes, and tidied up the area around the Kiosk which the Neighborhood Association will now maintain at the foot of Candelaria, all the way down at the ditch.

And a special thank you to workers from the COA Solid Waste Department who whisked it all away. What a difference these efforts make!


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Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting

A neighborhood meeting is held once a year in March or April. Information about next year's annual meeting will be posted a month or two before the meeting and announced through the AGNA listserv.

Annual Block Party & Yard Sale

 A block party and neighborhood-wide yard sale is held in the fall every year. If you are interested in helping out or would like to donate a prize for the block party, check out specific spots we need filled on our volunteer page.

The 2019 block party and yard sale over Oct 19th and 20th were a success! Thanks to everyone who came out and a special thanks to those who donated a raffle prize.

Great American Cleanup

The Great American Cleanup is the country’s largest community improvement program that kicks off in more than 20,000 communities each Spring. Read more about it on the city's website.

Company's Comin' Fall Cleanup

Company’s Comin' is an annual Fall neighborhood clean up initiative. Read more about it on the city's website.