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Alvarado Gardens Neighborhood

Ice Cream Social


On behalf of the "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" (formerly AGNA MAS) Working Group led by Frederica Sawyer, and sponsored by the Bernalillo County Neighborhood Grants program, I am pleased to share the final details of our "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" pilot activity. We are holding an Ice Cream Social on the evening of July 11th from 7:00-8:30 pm at the corner of Glenwood and Campbell.  ALL NEIGHBORS ARE WELCOME! 

AGNA MAS - A Grant funded by Bernalillo County




Mid year 2023, the Alvarado Gardens Neighborhood Association was asked to submit a proposal to Bernalillo County that would benefit all neighbors within our boundaries. AGNA received the funding for the project titled AGNA MAS. The idea of AGNA MAS symbolized a goal for the neighborhood - MAS meaning "more" in Spanish and also an abbreviation for "Mutual Aid Society".  The concept of Neighbors Helping Neighbors.


Mutual Aid Societies have a long and important history, rooted in indigenous cultures and black mutual aid societies as old as our country. While charity has a hierarchy of giver and receiver; the vision is to equitably reallocate resources, skills, and knowledge to help our community thrive not only in times of crisis, but during "normalcy" as well. New Mexicans have a rich tradition of helping each other, neighbor to neighbor.


In early February 2024, a postcard will be mailed to each neighbor within our boundaries. The postcard has a QR Code that will take you to a survey in Spanish or English. If you know of someone that isn't online, you could help them with the survey or they can call our project coordinator who will help either over the phone or via a home visit.


If you have time or skills to offer you can indicate that on the survey - if you need help, you can indicate what that might be. We're here for you! We're here for each other!




It's not the Next Door version. Our listserv is just for neighbors within our boundaries - we try to keep everyone informed about our neighborhood, our events, and other news. Neighbors can also post to the group. Sign up here


LASTLY - Be on the lookout for news of our annual meeting on March 23, 2024 at La Puerta, 3001 Trellis NW from 2-4!









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Alvarado Gardens Neighborhood

The Alvarado Gardens neighborhood is nestled in Albuquerque's north valley along the Rio Grande. The approximate boundaries are Campbell Road to the south, Rio Grande Boulevard to the east, the river to the west and Veranda Road to the north.

Our community includes the Rio Grande Nature Center, beautiful bosque trails, and several multi-purposes ditches.

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We are always looking for volunteers. More details are available on our volunteer opportunities page.