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Alvarado Gardens Neighborhood

Parking in Alvarado Gardens

Current Status

Updated: Friday, July 23rd, 2021

A meeting was held July 22, 2021 at City Hall with members of City Administration, State Parks, and one AGNA representative to try to resolve the parking issues. It was meant to be a half hour, and broke up after an hour and a half with no resolution. The AGNA Board is hopeful that these stakeholders will work together to find a solution that follows the input the Parking Committee presented, and takes some burden off the neighborhood without infringing on the wildlife and uniqueness that make our neighborhood so special. Government moves slowly, we hope for an update from them in 4-6 weeks.


After widespread discussions among our neighbors over newly placed permit parking signs, AGNA appointed a committee to study the Permit Parking and Visitor Parking issues in April 2021.

The committee met for several months and developed a statement which was issued to the city and the public in June 2021. AGNA is hoping to work with the city and state to develop further public parking options for the many people who wish to visit the Nature Center, the river, the Paseo del Bosque Trail, and the Nature Preserve.

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Please direct all parking-related questions and comments to the Parking Committee Chair, Jonathon Siegel (

Traffic & Parking Committee Statement

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Please direct all questions and comments to the Parking Committee Chair, Jonathon Siegel (