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Alvarado Gardens Neighborhood

AGNA Governance

The Alvarado Gardens Neighborhood Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are elected at the annual meeting held in March or April of each year.

Officers and Members

President: Vacant
Vice President: Diana Hunt
Secretary: Jill Schneider-Taylor
Treasurer: Yolanda Homann

Member: Bruce Baumgartner
Member: Amy Beveridge
Member: Katherine Chilton
Member: Kristin Hogge
Member: Melo King
Member: LeRoy Lehr
Member: Crystal McAlerney
Member: Melinda Moffitt
Member: Carolyn R. Siegel

Board Meeting Minutes

Board meetings are held quarterly at minimum. Annual neighborhood meetings are held in March or April.





AGNA Bylaws

In November of 2018, a bylaws committee was formed to review and update the Alvarado Gardens Neighborhood Association bylaws.

Members of the neighborhood will be asked to vote on approval of these bylaws at the 2019 annual meeting on March 30th.

Please take some time to review the proposed changes prior to the meeting:

Any questions can be directed to board member Robert Poyourow ( Once the updates have been approved, they will be posted and maintained on the website.