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Alvarado Gardens Neighborhood

Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting

The 2019 Alvarado Gardens annual meeting will be held at La Puerta De Los Niños (map) from 2:30-5:00pm on March 30th.

The AGNA Board will be presenting proposed changes to the neighborhood association bylaws at the annual meeting. Please take some time to review the proposed changes prior to the meeting.

If you plan on renewing your annual donation of $10, complete the AGNA Donation Form and bring it to the meeting.


2018 Block Party & Yard Sale

Big thanks to everyone who joined the Block Party and Yard Sale festivities. We received positive feedback from neighbors who attended the block party.

If you have feedback or ideas for future events, let us know.

See you next year!


Know of something fun happening in the neighborhood?

Suggest an event to the Board.